Simple and pure, from lines into a plane, this is the design concept of String series. Each piece in this collection is completed with a suspended structure and a handweaving technique to create a classic, timeless impression.
Flow Swing is designed for leisure time to make the outdoor life full of fun. Its inspiration comes from the magic carpet in the myth story, trying to capture the happy time of childlike innocence through a special form. The swing is light, stable, and in a dynamic style. The seat has a slight arc shape, stretched with waterproof PVC fabric, can be used together with a soft cushion.
To make human beings more compatible with nature, Kun balances wood with hand knitting. Bagel collection featured of teak-base, tightly woven rope, soft cushions and comfortable back cushion. Bagel has inside and outside double design Which wrap your back comfortably with a fi t body curve. Lounge chair, high-back lounge chair and dining chair are included in this series. A higher quality aluminum base could also be customized for dining chair in a lower price.
Jumbo series represents an unhurried contemporary attitude towards leisure life. It looks like a jumbo item with “elephant ears” from a distance. Jumbo Lounge Armchair is wide with a handwoven backrest and wings, expressing a sense of embracement. The color of the wood and the combination of weaving make it very natural and harmonious. The thick seat and comfortable cushions can let a person rest on it all afternoon. The whole series includes a lounge armchair, a 3-seater sofa, footstool and dining chair.
The back and armrest cushions of the collection resemble soft pillows - just like the collection name - whose coverings can be removed for easy cleaning. Wrapped with KunDesign Tex, a material with remarkable durability and resistance to outdoor conditions, the quick-drying cushions are designed to be placed outside. Seated on a teak or bamboo base frame to create a textual contrast, which are FSC certified in consideration of the environment. With versatile modular components, the Pillow sofa is suitable for all interior and exterior settings.
Chic folding chair was born to pay tribute to the classic Director's Chair in 20th century, and its design inspiration can be traced back to the earliest.In ancient Rome. Through modern technology, Chic folding chair has simplified and optimized the chair structure to the maximum extent, and every part is integrated.Body casting, reinterpreting standardization from excellent details. Its firm chair body consists of metal frame and hand-sewn three-dimensional sewing fabric.Quick-drying sponge is built into backrest and seat surface, which has both aesthetic feeling and sitting comfort. In daily use, Chic folding chair is easy to store, showing quality and weight.And can be applied to various scenes.
OVAL chair is our contemporary and three-dimensional take of the traditional board back chair. The edge stamping craft allows it to have a large and three-dimensional backrest -comfortable and compact. The legs have plump lines that give off a powerful presence when placed inopen space. We use wooden finish on the alumimium seat surface to make it moredurable and easier to maintain while retaining the warm visual sense of wood.
The LOOP chair was originally designed to express continuous lines. The entire chair is woven with a single continuous rope. In order to ensure continuity and product quality, the back and the seat of the chair were proportionally divided into four parts, which not only boosts the appearence, but also increases the product lifespan. Soft as well as responsive, the chair provides a comfortable seating experience without the need of a cushion. Additionally, the wear-resisting and strong PVC simplifies the cleaning processing - use a soft brush to give it a fresh new look.
With a curvature that conforms to the natural arch of the human spine, the back of the Banyan Tree series is designed to put the body at ease. The interwoven strands are reminiscent of tree vines to create a distinctive look that can easily complement its surroundings. Weaved in weather-resistant and easy-to-clean material, the Banyan Tree is a versatile series that can be placed in small living spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Available in variations of sofa, lounge chair, rocking chair, and dining chair, the latter which features a stackable design that eliminates any storage problems.
Nest has a backrest woven with of UV resistant and easy-to-clean Kundesign Rope, while the geometrical weave ensures better ventilation. The rounded 2-tiered coffee table, as well as the bamboo trays at the front of the armrests are sure to fulfil all your outdoor uses. The bold Scandinavian colours match well with any outdoor environments.
An interactive conversation between metal, wood, and fabric resulted in the design of the RUGBY series. The upholstery’s plump shape is relieved by spindle shaped-legs, so the resulting structure takes on a refreshing rather than chunky appearance. The armrests have a width and height that match the body’s natural arm placement, and also serve as partition from the cold metal frame. Constructed with comfortable materials that are weather-resistant, the collection can be used in all spaces, both outdoors and indoors. With quality and weather proof teak wood set on aluminum legs, the lounge coffee table is designed to complement the contemporary lifestyle. It is deliberately set at a height that allows the table to be used not just for asingular purpose, but as a versatile and multifunctional product in your home.
Lotus Table
The petal design of its central pillar bestows the Lotus with understated elegance. Select from a range of nature-inspired colours that will allow the series, which includes both tables and vases, to easily integrate into various indoor and outdoor décor.
A return to the basics was the central theme at the start of our weight table design process. Weights are used as mass standards to express our understanding of the load bearing of the table. The lines on the weights are designed with respect to the golden ratio, thus the top and bottom components are firm and secure. The series of weights also have symmetrical upper and lower end-tables, with the upper one removable to serve dual functions of storage and flower arrangement.
Bergen table series includes side table, dining table, bar table etc., which is composed by the simple geometric elements and pillars. The radians and details express the smooth rounded characteristics. The table top and bottom can be changed for a variety of colors, and the pillar can be solid color or wooden look by heat transfer process.
Inspired by joyful holiday moments in life, the Mooncake stool is shaped like a traditional snack in the Mid-Autumn Festival, with continuous arc design and bright colors, presenting a lightand cheerful playfulness. This all-aluminum stool is waterproof, easy to clean and maintain. It is suitable as an item to decorate the courtyard or indoor space. It can also be used as a side table to create a vibrant atmosphere.
Lotus Planter
The Lotus planter continues to express the family character of the series, with the central column shaped like a petal and a continuous combination of one petal to another. The overall flowerpot upper matches the rhythmic base of the petals below, achieving a more aesthetically pleasing ratio.This series is more suitable for home use with four reasonable sizes to meet your different plant needs.
Root Planter
Root flowerpot refines the "rooted" state of wild plants, and expresses full vitality with abstract design language. It consists of an ellipse.It consists of a tub and a bracket, which can be split up and down. The unique "V-shaped" structure creates a feeling of strength sprouting upward. Among them, the tube basin.The prototype is taken from the vessels of the North African tribes, which is round and simple; The three feet at the bottom are as light and stable as the root system of a plant that goes deep into the soil.Solid. This bracket is not only convenient tomove, but also improves the air permeability of the flowerpot, which is beneficial to daily planting.Color matching of Root flowerpot comes from.In the Gobi and oasis of nature, the fine sand-like spray texture presents matte texture.Can satisfy people.Demand for different plants can be used outdoors or at home.
The inspiration of Lantern series comes from the combination of oriental aesthetics and modern design. Lantern series is about "light", the lamp absorbs the configuration elements and special style from the traditional Chinese lantern and hand-basket. It retains the elegant "handle" design on the top, which can be easily carried and moved at will. For this hand lamp, it adds a small round bottom, which you can display plant, flower, decoration pieces to build the cozy atmosphere, delightfully fresh nature.
Lotus vase
The design of the Flower Vase comes from KUNDESIGN's iconic Lotus series, trying to do an environment-friendly and sustainable design. This vase uses the leftover material from the column of Lotus Table. Through recycling and reuse, the re-design and application are realized. Flower Vase takes ‘petal’ as one continuous element, creates a happy and flowing rhythm. S vase is suitable for green plants within 25cm, it can also be used as a storage bottle or decoration. M vase is used for daily flower arrangement. There is a ‘single petal’ design on one side,which provides a creative place for flower lovers. L vase is specially designed for hydroponic large-sized branches and plants, the bottom of the vase is equippe with a small partition, which can better fix branches or large bouquets above 50cm and avoid swaying or dumping.
Pipe Barcart
Derived from the PIPE double deck coffee table, the bar cart has been designed in full consideration of its usage and movement. It has a stable structure that is easily maneuvered around. Minimalistic and modern, the design of the PIPE bar cart can be well integrated into the outdoor environment.