An interactive conversation between metal, wood, and fabric resulted in the design of the RUGBY series. The upholstery’s plump shape is relieved by spindle shaped-legs, so the resulting structure takes on a refreshing rather than chunky appearance. The armrests have a width and height that match the body’s natural arm placement, and also serve as partition from the cold metal frame. Constructed with comfortable materials that are weather-resistant, the collection can be used in all spaces, both outdoors and indoors. With quality and weather proof teak wood set on aluminum legs, the lounge coffee table is designed to complement the contemporary lifestyle. It is deliberately set at a height that allows the table to be used not just for a singular purpose, but as a versatile and multifunctional product in your home.
The back and armrest cushions of the collection resemble soft pillows - just like the collection name - whose coverings can be removed for easy cleaning. Wrapped with KunDesign Tex, a material with remarkable durability and resistance to outdoor conditions, the quick-drying cushions are designed to be placed outside. Seated on a teak or bamboo base frame to create a textual contrast, which are FSC certified in consideration of the environment. With versatile modular components, the Pillow sofa is suitable for all interior and exterior settings.
Fatty ensures durability and comfort. It has the softness of interior upholstery and the integrity of outdoor furniture. Plump cushions on a narrow frame provides a proportional contrast that distinguishes its look. The sofa features a lumbar cushion that can be stabilized with a button-and-strap fastening. Wrapped in Textilene and filled with quick-dry cotton, Fatty is both UV and weather resistant. The cushion armrests and wooden trays can be interchanged for extra versatility.
Pipe is a powerful reinterpretation of the Windsor chair, adding a contemporary twist to a timeless design. The circular structure of the seatback is intended to envelope the body with comfort, along with the soft cushions which can be fastened to the back to prevent unwanted movement. The armrest corners are specifically made rounded for comfortable hand placement. Wooden legs have been added to the ends of the circular tubes, providing warmth for the metallic furniture. The coffee and side tables are double layered to expand potential storage spaces. Featuring weather-resistant finish in six colours, it is compatible with all kinds of indoor and outdoor use. PIPE is available in five chair variations.
With a curvature that conforms to the natural arch of the human spine, the back of the Banyan Tree series is designed to put the body at ease. The interwoven strands are reminiscent of tree vines to create a distinctive look that can easily complement its surroundings. Weaved in weather-resistant and easy-to-clean material, the Banyan Tree is a versatile series that can be placed in small living spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Available in variations of sofa, lounge chair, rocking chair, and dining chair, the latter which features a stackable design that eliminates any storage problems.
With modular components that can be reassembled like toy bricks, the LEGO series was designed to be creatively versatile and fit for small spaces. The sofa has wide armrests that can be used as a pillow when lying down, but also removed to reveal a built-in wooden table whose placement can be changed by adjusting the cushions. The sofa back, which is three-tiered, has a colour scheme that can be mixed and matched to add a personal touch. Crafted in weatherproof material which is both durable and easily maintained, the sofa is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
The Oracle conceptualizes the juxtaposition between opposites – soft cushions against solid aluminum backrests and warm wood against cold metal. The wide, rounded bamboos are intentionally placed on the armrest as partition between the body and metallic frame. Button details on the comfortable back cushion distinguishes the look of this classic outdoor series. Proposed as a loungechair, dining chair, and sunlounger, the latter which can be folded and stacked.
Nest has a backrest woven with of UV resistant and easy-to-clean Kundesign Rope, while the geometrical weave ensures better ventilation. The rounded 2-tiered coffee table, as well as the bamboo trays at the front of the armrests are sure to fulfil all your outdoor uses. The bold Scandinavian colours match well with any outdoor environments.
A bold fluidity inspired by a flamingo’s elegant curves, the structure of the Flamingo chair is made possible with the durable and breathable mesh with excellent weather resistance and stretch. Choose from a range of colour combinations inspired by mother nature. Also features a stackable function as a convenient storage solution.
The petal design of its central pillar bestows the Lotus with understated elegance. Select from a range of nature-inspired colours that will allow the series, which includes both tables and vases, to easily integrate into various indoor and outdoor décor.
The screen features a novel assembly system inspired by bike handles that permits a straightforward joining of units. Its rotund structure is covered with a porous mesh mimicking rattan, ensuring privacy as well as ventilation. A practical and imaginative method of separating spaces that can be used both outdoors and indoors.
The structure of the table is inspired by the stance of a penguin, hence the name of this collection. With a ceramic top sitting on matte finished frames, the natural style of Penguin will integrate well with different designs. Crafted in materials that are weather resistant, this can be placed both indoors and outdoors.
Pipe accessories
Derived from the PIPE double deck coffee table, the bar cart has been designed in full consideration of its usage and movement. It has a stable structure that is easily maneuvered around. Minimalistic and modern, the design of the PIPE bar cart can be well integrated into the outdoor environment.
Simple but functional like the form it takes, Petite Maison adorns a space while providing something more. It can be a candleholder, a tray, decorative piece, nailed to the walls or placed on the ground. Made of aluminum seated on a bamboo base, this weather-resistant piece of accessory can be used outdoors as well as indoors.